Layering Serum Products

Layering Serum Products | Is More Really Better? | Stemology Skincare Authentic Beauty Blog

Is More Really Better?

One of the most common questions I get asked is about layering serum products. Is it safe? Is it more effective? Is there such thing as putting on “too much” product? So, today I want to discuss some of the most common questions and concerns when it comes to layering serum products.

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10 Reasons to Love Our Limited Edition After Sun Skincare Regimen

10 Reasons to Love Our Limited Edition After Sun Skincare Regimen | Sun Day Fun Day | Stemology Skincare Authentic Beauty Blog

Sun Day Fun Day

By August, most of our skin has seen its fair share of sun exposure. From beaches to hiking to swimming to surfing, the summer environment can wreak havoc on our skin. It’s time to repair and restore skin with our limited edition Skin Saving After Sun Skincare Regimen. We’re sure it will become your post-summer sun favorite too. Here’s why:

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The Collagen Killers

The Collagen Killers | Keep Skin Firm By Avoiding These Collagen Killers | Stemology Authentic Beauty Blog

Keep Skin Firm By Avoiding These Collagen Killers

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is the substance that holds the whole body together. Providing the supporting structure underneath the epidermis that keeps the skin firm and tight, collagen is responsible for the smooth, youthful skin appearance free of wrinkles and sagging.

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5 Reasons to Include Pumpkin In Your Skin Care Routine

From Halloween to Thanksgiving Pumpkin is Your Beauty Secret

‘Tis the season for pumpkins and pumpkin skin care. From Halloween to Thanksgiving, pumpkins are the decoration of choice for many houses, the food of choice for many meals, and the ingredient of choice for many of your beauty needs. Whether you are eating pumpkin or putting it on your skin, this fruit (it’s technically in the “berry” family) is packed full of nutrients that will help your skin glow wherever you go this holiday season.

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Skin Loving Recipe

Fight Summer Damage From The Inside Out

Cancer-causing chemicals known as free radicals are the main culprits in sun damage. You can fight free radical damage on your skin with good skincare products, yes. But did you know that you can also fight them from the inside by eating a healthy, skin-saving diet rich in antioxidants? It’s true (and yummy!) Antioxidants are any chemical that can neutralize free radicals, turning them from harmful cell destroying particles into harmless stable particles (ooh, science is so cool!). Start working to repair your skin from summer sun damage with these delicious, skin loving, antioxidant boosters!

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Eight Hacks for Erasing Sun Damage

See Spot Run

Sun exposure is the number one reason for skin aging. The sun’s harmful rays cause damage to the skin’s epidermis (upper) and dermis (lower) layers, resulting in an increase in unwanted pigmentation on the skin in the way of brown spots, age spots, sunspots and uneven skin tone. It also contributes to a break down in skin’s collagen and elastin, resulting in loose, sagging skin as well as fine lines and wrinkles (we know, we’re cursing the sun Gods too!!)

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Summer Salad Recipe for Beauty

Heirloom Tomato and Beet Summer Salad Recipe

This summer, start your beauty routine from the inside-out with this light, healthy, and satisfying, Heirloom Tomato and Beet Salad. The highly nutritious, and super delicious, ingredients will help your skin see beauty benefits all summer long including: 

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ORAC Rating

ORAC Rating

Choose The Best Antioxidants For Your Skincare

The words “free radicals” and “antioxidants” are often bandied about in the world of skincare. But what does it all mean? To better understand how to neutralize free radicals there’s an effective rating system that can help us choose the best antioxidants to incorporate into our topical skin care routine.

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The Best Antioxidants for Your Skin Health


From the Ordinary to the Unusual, Here Are the Best Antioxidants for Your Skin

Over the years you have likely heard about the benefits of consuming foods and using products high in antioxidants. The most familiar antioxidants found in foods are vitamin E, C and beta-carotene. Foods rich in antioxidants both boost your immune system and are fierce anti-aging combatants. But are there foods and products higher in antioxidants than others? Yes, there are!

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FACE the facts: The best ingredients for glowing skin

The old saying “you are what you eat” has never been truer. One of the most important ingredients for clear and beautiful skin lies in the kitchen. Because of the vitamins and nutrients residing in various nuts, grains and vegetables, turns out that many foods contain much of what you need to maintain not only a healthy lifestyle, but healthy skin as well. Here is a list of 10 ingredients for you to incorporate into your diet to help achieve the glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

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