Is It Time To Break Up With Your Moisturizer?

Take Our Quiz And Find Out

Sometimes, parting ways with someone (or something!) is the best move we can make in order to grow and discover our true potential. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day we are asking: Is it time to break up with your moisturizer? Take our quiz and find out:

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The Signs of Aging Skin

Is It More About Wrinkles or Dull Tone?

Did you know that an older looking complexion has as much to do with dull, fading skin tone as it does with age lines?

According to dermatologists, bright, clear, and consistent skin color, tone and texture are essential elements to a truly younger-looking complexion.  So, even if you were using all of the miracle wrinkle creams in the world, you would still be missing an essential element to regaining that youthful complexion – luminous tone.

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Can Anti Aging Stem Cell Creams Really Make You Look Younger?

Demystifying Stem Cell Skincare

There’s so much buzz and controversy surrounding stem cell-based skin care creams and treatments it’s hard to figure out what’s fact and what’s fiction.

But this much is certain: stem cell creams are light years ahead of traditional anti-wrinkle moisturizers and peptides. However, you have to know a few things about stem cells and photo-aging to understand the how’s and why’s.

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